Lehrstuhl für Arbeit, Personal und Organisation

Welcome to our Chair of Work, Personel and Organization

The courses in the field of "Work, Personnel and Organization" are designed to enable students to think strategically and critically and to make competent, long-term, comprehensive decisions in connection with work, personnel and organisation not only in isolation, but in the context of social developments and transformations.

Studies in the field of "Work, Personnel and Organization" are theoretically oriented because they must be practically useful. Scientific theories enable students to think in terms of alternatives and to recognise possible courses of action, prerequisites and consequences. They protect us from uncritically accepting unsubstantiated justifications such as "We've always done it this way" or "We have to change it because everyone is changing it". Practical problems in particular need to be analysed and justified solutions found, without approving of every means or every goal of corporate practice. Improving practice consists above all of criticism, especially by future practitioners in the practice system. On the one hand, criticism can take a normative approach by bringing ideas of successful work and good organisation into play or by measuring the reality of organisational and working conditions against corporate self-portrayals. Often, however, criticism also means pointing out the consequences and prerequisites of actions (or non-actions) relevant to organisational and human resources management.

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